Cfia Sr Collective Agreement

3. For staff appointed before the date of signature of this Agreement, their birthday shall be the date on which the staff received their last salary increase. 2. The date of increase in remuneration for staff members who are promoted, belittled or appointed to the bargaining unit on or after the signing of this Agreement shall be the anniversary of such appointment. These transitional provisions shall apply to workers who have been granted leave on the day or after the signature of this Agreement and who have been placed on leave: Notwithstanding the article on job security of this collective agreement, in the event of a conflict between this Annex to the transition to employment and this Article, this Annex to the transition to employment shall take precedence. 3. Future amendments to the EMS shall be subject to the approval of the Institute and the employer. Future amendments will be negotiated between the parties around a central table consisting of a bargaining team from the Institute and a bargaining team from the employer. If no agreement is reached within 18 months of the establishment of the Technical Committee or at any time before that date, the parties agree to jointly appoint a mediator within thirty days. The changes to maternity and parental leave will come into force on the day the collective agreement is signed. Remember that as soon as you receive parental benefits, you will not be able to change the length of your vacation.

A three-year agreement will allow the PSAC, the first negotiator, to set the pace of negotiations in the next round. Once the parties have agreed on a provisional language and programming of the EMS, this agreement will be made available to the various PIPSC bargaining tables for ratification and inclusion in their collective agreements. . . .

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