Completion Agreement Qld Traineeship

This may include changing the details of your training contract such as your employer, supervising the Registered Training Organisation (SRTO), mode or qualification, renewing your probationary period or training contract, or suspending the apprenticeship or internship. To change your training or internship, you must make changes to your training contract. All training and internships in Queensland are competency-based. This means that you progress when you gain skills and knowledge instead of learning for a while. If it is agreed between you, your employer and your OTRS that you have met all the requirements of your training program, you can begin the closing process. Contract changes are always submitted to your Australian apprenticeship network support provider or the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training. The form used for the change contains details about the person to whom it should be sent. Information and services are available to assist employers, apprentices and apprentices in case of more serious concerns. .

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