Services provided:

  • Back-end ( theme from scratch )
  • Front-end
  • Custom plugins
  • Advanced data filtering
  • Advanced data collection ( user visitor statistics, exporting posts to .csv, etc... )
  • Voting System
  • User Login System
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"odgovorno.rs" is a program aimed to support the development of education in Serbia. It is targeted at two main groups: educational initiatives (educational hobbies, movements, associations and groups of citizens), as well as agricultural schools and other non-profit legal entities that contribute to the development of agriculture in Serbia. Program is supported by "Vojvodjanska" bank.

Site was envisioned as a platform where users can register via social networks, and submit their own projects. Once the projects go past moderation, they are displayed to the rest of the world, where anyone can vote. Any user can submit their own project, as long as it's in accordance to terms and conditions.

The voting system is unique. Users first must login via social network of their choosing, and can vote up to 5 times, for different projects. At any time, user can withdraw their vote, and assign it to another project they like. As voting is a delicate matter, special steps were taken to ensure the security of the voting, as well as user data.