Sample Agreement For Vehicle Hire

(e) the vehicle is driven by a person who is no longer in possession at the time of driving or who has never obtained a driver`s licence suitable for that vehicle; In some cases, the type of vehicle delivered may not match your original specifications. A car rental contract is a legal document that you must complete and sign if you are applying for a car rental service. This is an agreement between you and the tenant or car rental company. This agreement is binding on both sides. (f) The vehicle is intentionally lost lightly by the tenant or any other person covered in clause 3 of the contract or driving the vehicle under the supervision of the tenant or by the intentional or reckless behaviour of the tenant or another person. (d) the vehicle is driven by a person who is not mentioned in Clause 3 of the agreement. Each rental contract comes with a vehicle inspection sheet that indicates the damage already in place. It is the tenants` responsibility to notify the landlord before taking the rent if they feel the damage is not on the vehicle`s inspection sheet. The tenant is responsible for the damage that is not shown on the vehicle inspection sheet. The final check of the returned vehicles is carried out only after the completion of the complete cleaning. (f) If a warning light is displayed or if the tenant feels that the vehicle requires mechanical attention, he stops driving it and immediately advises the owner and Mercedes Breakdown (0800 320230).

(f) Operate the vehicle or authorize it, in violation of the Transportation Act 1962, to operate the 1976 Traffic Code or other traffic laws, regulations or regulations. With Formplus, you can directly link your rental contract form to your preferred payment solution. This allows you to receive basic rents directly, plus any additional fees for your tenants. Here, the tenant also agrees to be responsible for the damage suffered during the rental period. 13. Subject to the exclusions and surpluses listed below, the tenant and all licensed drivers mentioned in the rental agreement are compensated up to 7. All costs for cleaning the interior of the vehicle if the vehicle is returned in a condition where the owner feels that excessive cleaning or deodorization is excessively dirty. These include stains, liquid spills, food or vomiting and include odours such as tobacco smoke and alcohol.

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