Ua Local 488 Collective Agreement

Local 213 351 King William Rd Saint John, NB E2M 7C9 Canada Phone: (506) 635-1605 Local 179 402 Solomon Dr Regina, SK S4N 5A8 Canada Phone: (306) 569-0624 Local 244 393 Daggerwoods Antiishgon, NS B0H 1R0 Canada Phone: (902) 386-2551 Local 488 16214 118th Ave Edmonton, AB T5V 1M6 Canada Phone: (780) 452-7080 Local 500 207-1299 Champs – Chicoutimi Elysees, QC G7H6P3 Canada Phone: (418) 543-9073 Local 56 30 Neptune Creifax, NS B2Y 4R8 Canada Phone: (5 5073 902) 466-9920 Local 254 passed a motion that if a member worked for C L A C, they would ultimately be treated to the fullest extent of local statutes! It`s the right thing to do. Has put this program for a while now. Very happy with the gang. Evan G. Proud Member of Local 56 Halifax Local 496 5649 Burbank Rd SE Calgary, AB T2H 1Z5 Canada Phone: (403) 252-1166 xt. 255 Well, first I`ll say with, there`s enough work for us in the local, because 800 of us come from 144 9735 St-Laurent Blvd Montreal, QC H3L 2N4 Canada Phone: (514) 385-1171 Local 67 104-195 Dartnall Rd Hamilton, ON L8W 3V 9 Canada Phone: (905) 385-0043 Although I agree with the benefits of an AU plumber, I had a hard time getting in with Local 46. I tried many, many times, I guess, in 1995, 2000 and 2003. Why don`t I know? I had all the necessary knowledge (on paper anyway), I ended up taking a job in a plumbing company that was in local 183 (a union, nothing wrong with them, but they don`t offer the same benefits of being a local 46 plumber union, that is, improved training, on what the Ontario Colleges and Universities Ministry are asking for) So why advance for union-related workers? $100, and – training! I firmly believe in a revaluation, our training is not as good as the time it has delivered. Our business is all change, dynamic, if you will, we must be aware of the latest trends, best practices, etc…. but if there is no delivery organization in fact, like 80% (this is the share of plumbers who with our latest progress in the plg. Technology is up to date) know what, when and how? All I can say is that I wish I could be part of Local 46. You don`t know how happy you are that people want to train you to improve our business.

Local 254 34 Higgins Ave Winnipeg, MB R3B 0A5 Canada Phone: (204) 947-0497 Local 682 1776 Sydney Glace Bay Hwy Cape Breton, NS B1E 1L2 Canada Phone: (902) 562-3753 I`m a local ua 46 member sitting at home with the rest of the 800 members out of work. Rogue? We have to feed our families. Start a conversation about something more important like maybe ua responsible for not working ua members? Do we pay them every month? Or strengthen the ability of our open-shop competitors to manage projects with the skills of AU members, thereby reducing working conditions and our ability to ensure good collective agreements in the future. If they have to leave the Union because they will not find it for them, it is the Union`s fault for not caring for their brothers. The Union cannot be angry at what its members are doing if they have no choice. Even if money is better elsewhere, the EU is not doing enough to negotiate abroad for better wages and working conditions.

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