Wisconsin Self Storage Rental Agreement

704.90(4r)(b) (b) Upon termination of a lease agreement for the use of space leased by a tenant at expiry or otherwise, an operator may remove the personal property remaining in the leased space and store the personal property at another location or inside or outside the self-service facility or move the self-storage unit to another location, or the Operator may continue to retain the Personal Property in the leased space, and the Operator may deny the Former Tenant access to the Personal Property until the Tenant redeems the Personal Property in accordance with paragraph (5)(a). The operator may charge reasonable rent for the storage of personal property, whether in another location or in the leased space. A former tenant who does not pay the rent is subject to all the default procedures and remedies set out in this section. 704.90(3)(a)(a) An operator shall have a lien on all personal property held in space leased for lease and other costs related to personal property, including costs necessary for the preservation, removal, storage, preparation for sale and sale of personal property. The lien is attached from the first day the personal property is stored in the leased space and is greater than all other liens or security rights in the personal property, with the exception of a legal lien or security right, which is determined by the submission before the first day the personal property is stored in the rented room, is perfected. a security right in a sub-chapter. 342 advanced vehicle or security in a sub-ceiling. 30 advanced boat. 704.90 Note Although excess proceeds from sales are considered to be discontinued in accordance with subsection (6), Ch. 177 There is nothing to indicate that this presumption cannot be overcome. There is no indication that the owner can continue to hold the excess product even if the person whose property was sold personally presents himself to the owner or communicates with the owner. Cook v. Public Storage, Inc.

2008 WI App 155, 314 Wis. 2d 426, 761 N.W.2d 645, 07-2077. 704.90(6)(a)8. 8. The sale takes place in the self-service warehouse, in the self-service storage unit or at the nearest appropriate place where the personal goods are stored. 704.90(4b)(a)(a) The Operator may charge a reasonable late fee for each month in which a Tenant fails to pay rent up to 5 business days after the rent is due if the amount of the late fee is included in the Lease. . .


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