Xfinity Mobile Device Payment Plan Agreement

The total cost of your purchase on credit, including your down payment of $0.00 YOU, that is, the buyer mentioned above, agree to pay US, the seller/creditor who, above the total selling price of the device mentioned above, will be paid under the terms of the Xfinity Device Payment Agreement above). The amount you paid after making all payments as the expected KAUFHAUS ADRESSE: “CustomerServiceAddressStreet,” “CustomerServiceAddressLine2,” “CustomerServiceAddressCity,” “CustomerServiceAddressState” CustomerServiceAddressZip $5.00 plus all applicable taxes set in your monthly bill. (D) AMOUNT FINANCED (the amount of credit, which is made available to you on your behalf): BUYER`S NAME: “CustomerFirstName” “CustomerLastName” DEVICE DESCRIPTION: Apple iPad Wi-Fi 128Gb (“Device”) Return terms: If you wish to return your device for any reason, you have 30 days from the date you accepted this payment contract. You must return everything that was in the original package, including the device, battery, charger and manual. As long as you use the return label with your device, we cover The FedEx shipping costs. The device must be in a new condition, without physical or water damage, and in the manufacturer`s original packaging. There are no reintroduction costs for the return of your device. Payments are due on the due date set in your monthly invoice. Delivery Description: In the original package, you will find a shipping label and a return form.

We can send you a shipping label by email and send forms if you have edited them. Place the prepaid shipping label on top of the box via the old label. Seal the box again by peeling the white adhesive strip. Leave the box in a FedEx Office shipping center. You cannot return your device to an XFINITY or Comcast store or to a Comcast UPS drop-off box. If you don`t have the original box, you can use yours as long as you seal it with the shipping-force tape. You can pay all your debts early and without penalty under this agreement. Note: Taxes are not included in the amount financed. All taxes are set on your monthly bill. YOU WILL FIND MORE INFORMATION ON NON-PAYMENT, LATE PAYMENTS, DEFAULTS, ALL NECESSARY PAYMENTS BEFORE PAYMENT DATES AND ADVANCE TERMS IN YOUR CUSTOMER CONTRACT FOR ACCOMMODATION SERVICES (“CUSTOMER AGREEMENT”) IN YOUR CUSTOMER AGREEMENT. PLEASE CONSULT YOUR PAYMENT DRIVER FOR THE SPECIFIC AMOUNT OF EACH PAYMENT, THE TOTAL NUMBER OF PAYMENTS AND THE DATE WHERE TO FIND YOUR PAYMENT DUE DATE.

DEFINED TERMS THAT ARE NOT DEFINED HERE ARE DEFINED IN YOUR CUSTOMER CONTRACT. Late fees are charged according to the terms of your customer contract. SELLER (CREDITOR): Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, which (i) owns and/or operates the cable television system near you. 1-800-XFINITY.

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