Younique Presenter Agreement 2019

But even without taking into account personal sales, the situation is getting worse. You see, $14 will not be the moderator`s average monthly income. Of these 775 women, there will be many who have earned a larger share of this annual total (plus commission for online sales). There will be many who will have earned a lower commission. And there will be many who will spend more on spending. I just wanted to tell a little story about why I left younique, and I want to understand their shady ways and practices. The admin team then suspended my account and punished me because another moderator (read: competitor) didn`t like how much I was doing, so they falsified information and claimed I was breaking the rules. $698,082 in revenue in one year doesn`t sound too bad. But let`s head the number to find out exactly what that means for a single Younique presenter: $698,082 worth of makeup was sold by 775 women in 2017 — an average of $900.75 each (or $75 per month).

If you were reading Younique`s website or buying the sales game from a Younique presenter, you would believe that the earning potential at Younique is unlimited. In fact, Younique proudly shows off its rising global stars on a ranking on its website: it costs a one-time fee of $99 to become a Younique presenter, which is pretty standard, if not a bit high. But presenters don`t need to turn around and buy inventory, and they get products worth $225, including mascara that bought them a cult and still sells for 16,000 units a day. [15] To demonstrate this, let`s take a look at a Facebook post by a Moderator De Younique (his term for a sales representative) that, at first glance, seems like quite a feat: “charity,” as you put it, is absolutely NOT a scam. I attended the Haven retreat last November. I am not a Younique moderator or client. It never was. I use bare minerals. I stumbled upon the Younique Foundation by chance.

I was raped several times as a child and never sought help as an adult. I applied for retirement by writing a short essay about myself and my experiences. They then contacted me with a questionnaire to fill out and later again to let me know that I had been selected to attend and select my best dates to attend. Yes, I had to pay for my trip to Utah, but that was the only thing I paid. EVERYTHING else was FREE for participants. When we arrived at the airport, me and the other women were picked up by a fleet of black SUVs and driven to the most luxurious mansion I`ve ever seen in the mountains of Utah, oh and by the way, they were building another one. We were treated like absolute kings. .

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